Your driver today is Mohammed. He arrives in a black Toyota Aurion, polished and pristine. He is tidy in jeans and a blue t-shirt. He looks like a rugby league player you think, as he puts your bags in the boot. You get in and you tell him where to go. Domestic airport, Virgin. Mohammed says that he doesn’t know the way. It’s his first day driving for Uber. Geez. But it’s ok. He’s joking. Mohammed is a joker. But it’s not all laughs for Mohammed. He’s one week divorced from his Gucci-obsessed miserable wife. She doesn’t understand him. She thinks his lovely top of the line black Toyota is shit. She’s already dating a guy with a BMW and an investment property in Brunswick Heads. You don’t know her name, but you already don’t like her. Yes, of course, there’s always two sides, but you hate seeing Mohammed so sad that he overshoots the terminal and has to drop you at QANTAS, that’s how sad he is.