We have been at odds with each other for ages, disconnected and sore. It’s been a long time and we are not that sure why it even happened. We are tired though. Bone weary. We meet at a park where kids and dogs are playing. We meet so we can talk it through, to recover ourselves from the car crash we’ve created. It is hard to do. But it’s sunny and the dogs are playing in the off leash area and we have coffee and the winter sun on our backs. We look at each other and breathe. We see the hurt and breathe. We remember, but we see the past more clearly.  We offer each other what we can – sorrow and honesty, gentle hands and tenderness. We lie on the grass like teenagers. We are relieved and so tired we fall asleep. When I wake up through a curtain of fringe I can see a Staffy looking over at us, laughing the way Staffies do. She thinks we are funny and so we are.


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