Terence is in the not-particularly-good-but-conveniently-located café eating a wrap. The wraps here are probably the best thing you can order. His is full of tabouli and quite a lot of sliced BBQ chicken and he’s more than halfway through it. It will serve, he thinks. That’s when the two girls come in talking about last night’s episode of Revenge and how cute that guy is youhavenoidea rilly. The girl with the cherry red hair is very loud. It’s maraschino loud hair too, in a way that makes Terence feel for a second that he’s stumbled into a play, so fitting are the costumes. The owner sits down with the loud girls and scrapes his chair on the linoleum so it gives off a godawful squeal that makes Terence’s blood go cold and the hair at the base of his spine stand on end. The loud girls and the owner are talking about donuts and facebook and Shannon’s ankle and whether it is broken or just sprained. He is feeling like he is surrounded by bogans and feeling bad that he is so critical of the bogans. The bogans are talking about how someone’s cousin is in some singer’s back up band, and how they once supported the Angels at a festival. The bogans are harmless but can’t they be quieter? Is that too much to ask? he thinks. Terence feels like an arsehole as he spends the rest of the afternoon picking parsley and burgul out of his teeth. ‘My bad’ he thinks and it was.


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