Simone has a stack of old Drum Medias. Drum media is a free music newspaper that they always have on the doorsteps of pubs and record shops which has a shiny cover but on the inside it’s newsprint. It is full of reviews of albums and gigs, and articles about bands and musicians, and big raw looking advertisements with grungy rock and roll graphics alerting readers to up coming shows and tours. Simone collects every edition, and it comes out weekly mind, so that’s a lot since 2004 and every week she circles the bands she wants to see. In her bedroom these editions full of circled gigs are stacked one and a half feet high under her mattress. Gigs at the Basement, Metro, the Roundhouse, the Enmore, the Factory, Camelot, the Vanguard, Notes, the Annandale, the Bridge, Selina’s even. And she’s got this week’s edition of course, and she’s circled Tracey Cain and the Ables at the Annandale, which would be handy because it’s right on her bus route. But she won’t go until she has a boyfriend, so she bought herself a digital radio and a pair of Sennheiser headphones and what she’ll probably do is go sit in the back room in the Jason recliner and listen to FBi till she falls asleep.


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