There’s a bit in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet where Hamlet writes a letter to his girlfriend Ophelia, and signs off with a heartfelt valediction ‘while this machine is to him’. The ‘machine’ is his body, and this bit always makes Len feel like Hamlet is Robocop. Or the Terminator. A more bionic sort of man. Steely arms and a hard stare. Legs like pistons. Less room for philosophy and more for action. The very thing Hamlet lost the name of. Len thinks about this in period six on a Wednesday afternoon and imagines his Hamlet as a vengeful cyborg, a creature that is half human and half manufactured to have superior strength and power, and not a lot in the way of a moral compass. And he’s not much for soliloquies. But he has GPS and that’s how he tracks down Claudius way before any bout at fencing or poisoned chalice. In Len’s Hamlet Claudius is dispatched in Act II and everyone gets an early mark, which is good because that means Len can get his machine to footy practice ahead of time.  


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