You might not have heard of small stories before, but you may well have heard the terms flash fiction or micro-fiction or even short, short stories. Scholarly types can go through many pots of tea arguing about exactly what these labels mean, and whether the things they refer to even qualify as stories, because they are not always especially plot driven, not always particularly narrative. They are often more vignettey. So that’s cleared up a lot, I’m sure. Ok, think of them as character sketches, brief moments of illumination, like literary instagrams more or less. See if that works.

Anyway and regardless, I believe small stories are good things for lots of reasons. They are quick to consume, intense and strong, like an espresso, so that’s a good thing for a reader looking for a heart starter.  And they are great fun to write. I like small stories because you can start and finish them in one sitting if you put your mind to it, and if inspiration strikes. So I’m keen to deliver small stories to your inbox on a regularish basis. Just for fun, because it tickles my fancy and I hope to tickle yours in turn.


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